Yes, It’s okay to be critical of allegations

Michelle Roberts
4 min readJun 28, 2020

Justin Bieber became relevant once again after two allegations appeared on twitter. Egregious claims that are now being investigated. Like most crimes of this nature, the only people certain are those involved and the rest of us have to make our minds based on evidence or if you are so inclined, based on sex.

We have seen in the past a strong push for outcomes with the believe her movement and me too. Because false allegations of rape or sexual assault are almost unanimously levied by women, it seems like the just or moral thing to do, after all, women deserve to be protected at all costs. Things start getting hairy however when an accuser becomes synonymous with ‘victim’ or ‘survivor’, after all for individuals such as Yovino, Sulkowicz, DeCouterre, Mangum, Beale, and many others that is not the case. To call these women ‘victims’ or ‘survivors’ is false because they were not such things when they made their attack against the men they chose to victimize. For many of the accused, the many men who were not considered a victim, the very harsh reality of people’s strong desire to err on the side of women was a life altering event. In some cases such as the allegations against Jay Cheshire it leads to the death of those involved as he and his mother committed suicide a month and a year after the event. Olumide Fadayomi was a young Nigerian medical student in the UK who had a promising future until he decided to sleep with the wrong woman, a woman who was on a warpath against men. Fadayomi was not her first victim but even after being cleared of the charge, he ended his own life.

It is important for individuals to get a fair trial, even more so to culturally hold the value of innocence until proven guilty. Pushing for legislature to hold false accusers accountable is more just than to presume guilt as a default and it is just for criminals to be punished for their actions.

The idea is to get justice for victims, and that does mean those who are victims of false allegations. Allegations used as a weapon is a severe problem for those accused as they have their scholarships, their dignity, their livelihoods, their social standing stripped away, it is made worse when their perpetrator is widely supported and lightly punished. There does exist a group of malicious women who want to pretend to be victims of a heinous crime to, say, not pay for cab fare. Who cares about real rape victims when you have to get back at a man who didn’t want to be in a relationship. Step aside you losers who have to deal the the mental fallout of going through such acts, this young lady needs to not look like an easy slut to a fellow student she wanted to woo.

Why are false rape accusers treated with kid gloves? Does it not belittle those who are legitimate victims? Does it not demean the justice system when they don’t give justice to those who are left destroyed because… because of what? Because they are men? Because the perpetrators are women?

So in the case of Bieber, if he is innocent then it would be a strong statement if he managed to win his multi million dollar lawsuit. It is unlikely, but it is relieving when people are held accountable for their actions.

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