The Hypocrisy of the American government pt. 2

Michelle Roberts
3 min readJun 4, 2020

And POOF! Coronavirus is no longer a threat

There were quite a few people who blatantly disregarded the officials when it came to covid-19, there were others who fully embraced their orders given to them and there is a wide range of those in the middle.

Those like me went about life as normal, I am a shut-in already and I mostly went out for work. That is until I was let go of and then I really had no place to go. I watched as local grocery stores changed their policies, I watched as places like Best Buy offer appointments to shop in their store, and I watched many people flood employers because many want to return to work.

Along the way those who leaned more towards relying on the government started calling the more libertarian people that “You just want to kill grandma!” and “You’re just being selfish, all this would have gone away if you just-” obey the powers that be. That’s what I call the media that is.

I despise the media and I despise the political figures that govern us. As we are made to be unemployed and shamed by the community we are also watching this same group of hypocrites send recovering covid patients to nursing homes. Cuomo pleads ignorance about the state of affairs in NY. Outside of the boroughs, there are plenty of hospitals that could have had patients and there are thousands of unemployed medical workers in need of jobs.
How many politicians have been laid off?

Even from the get-go we had some massively incomplete and contradictory directives. At first masks helped, and then they didn’t help, and then they did again. Lock-downs were the answer until it seemed that those under lock-down were worse off because more cases were from people kept inside. People were forced to leave public parks even when it shows that being in the sun helps keep the covids away.

Public gatherings were a huge problem too, except in places such as grocery stores that is. Democrats were vehement about staying at home. Some even getting drunk with power such as Gov. Whitmer who was calling out her subjects when they protested. I almost expected her to tell her peasants to go eat some cake. Protesters were maligned even as their Queen enjoys the freedoms she wanted to take from them.

Protesting is very bad, that is, especially when it’s peaceful, and it’s terrifying when it involves armed protesters. There were a lot of news segments that wanted to smear those who protested mass lock-downs, after all let us not forget that they wanted to endanger the public and the elderly. It is definitely a whole different story when riots break out all over the country. Suddenly coronavirus doesn’t exist. It has been interesting to see such a turn of events and it will be interesting to see what comes of all of the recent goings on.

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