The Hypocrisy of the American Government: feeling the blues this voting season

Michelle Roberts
4 min readMay 26, 2020

The effects of voting by mail

Every once in a while there’s a delicious nugget of news that reminds me of why I lost trust in our government. I remember not all that long ago when it was being made into a racial issue to discuss having voter ID’s to help mitigate the non-issue of voter fraud. It’s an argument that doesn’t address the issues, and it is a manipulative tactic for officials to get what they want. Almost no one wants to be labeled a racist and so when the term is levied against them the emotional response will be to back off or capitulate to the aggressor. So around and around we go, never addressing the core issue: how do we protect the integrity of the American voter? If it wasn’t an issue before, it definitely is now. Buried in the search results i have found some interesting reports that i believe best exemplify the issues we are facing this year with the push for vote by mail.

Many New Jerseyans are seeing criminal activity amidst their localities, with many issues flaring up in Paterson as Passaic County returns thousands of votes with non-matching signatures. Some reports say that hundreds of ballets were left in a single mailbox without any signatures. Some individuals didn’t even have to be in state OR fill out a ballot for their vote to be counted, how convenient is that? Ramona Javier commented that “We did not receive vote by mail ballots and thus we did not vote. This is corruption. This is fraud.” Paterson City Councilman wonders “Where is the democracy in this? Where is the fair process?”, but his questions fall on def ears as Governor Phil Murphy dodges giving any answers or solutions to the problems facing his state.

South Carolina’s Charleston County had ready-to-mail ballots sent of to Maryland, because an out-of-state printing service is struggling with the overwhelming demand that has been placed upon them. There is a market for local ballot providers, and there is a demand for work to be done so South Carolina residents… get on it! In any case, its best not to bring this up, just carry on with a demonstrably poor solution for the problem at large.

Nevada has some sideways glances being thrown its way as some are questioning the bad practices that one county is facing. Clark County residents are seeing over-stuffed mailboxes as ballots are being sent out indiscriminately to inactive voters regardless if they live in the state- or if they are even alive for that matter- or not. Because of the nature of how ballot handling is being executed, there is scrutiny that leads some to believe that ballot harvesting is going on. There is room to discuss the efficacy of ballot harvesting which largely is unsecured as party volunteers collect and submit large groups of votes.

In California a Republican spokeswoman is questioning how sending individuals out to gather potentially disease ridden envelopes is a better alternative to in-person voting, while Democratic state elections chief remarks that it poses no danger to voters; she does not mention the volunteers who will be out in the fields however, that would shine a light on some unsightly blemishes. On one hand, the Democratic leaders of america want everyone to stay home. They especially want you to stay at home after admitting that up to 66% of new cases are a mix of unemployed people, and retirees. On the other hand they will send out as many people as it takes to get your vote in their hands.

I bring this up in the context of hypocrisy because the Democratic pundits are the first to shriek “racist” and “bigot” and whip up a rage with the progressive types but then pretend like their practices aren’t harmful, even worse is when they pretend that they actually care about their constituents. It’s inappropriate to sweep the inconvenient questions under slurs because then the issues don’t get resolved. Politicians aren’t the arbiters of morality, and we shouldn't look to them for any guidance regarding what is moral, or right, or principled. That is one thing that really fires me up; that we deify government officials and then they turn around and manipulate the public so they can get more votes. They will tell you that voter fraud isn’t real so that when it happens they can hide under the disgusting labels they throw out to distract from their repulsive behavior. Never mind that a Philadelphia judge took bribes for several years so that he could influence the outcome of those elections. Never mind the individuals who had a vote cast in their name when they didn’t actually check the ballot. The only thing the politicians want is to shame us into voting for them. We the people will need to hold our officials accountable for their poor behavior, and demand better from them.
We may have to start voting for principles and policies even, rather than voting for a letter.

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