No, white people are not inherently bad.

Michelle Roberts
3 min readJun 17, 2020

It is very fashionable nowadays to hate a group of people based solely on their skin color. I’d like to use the term racist but what does that even mean anymore? What does it mean when the hatred towards one race is propped up by the media and legitimized by the so-called leaders of our cities, states, and country?

Well it means almost nothing unfortunately. Since i can’t call it what it is i am just going to have to describe the hypocrisy of the situation and explain why black Americans have been engineered to be the weakest link in the nation.

The argument about systemic racism is pretty wishy-washy by people who are ideologically driven to manufacture a narrative. The progressive left has become the religious right to anyone who tries to speak rationally. I say this because the BLM movement is akin to a renegade religious cult. When you tell them their scriptures are nonsensical they have no recourse but to scream because there’s no capacity for reason. Example, when they say the police force is inherently racist and the facts don’t back them up, the conversation is shut down and the witch hunts begin. To talk about actual systemic racism, to talk about one race being held back solely because they were born wrong, such as race based quotas, there’s no room for the discussion because white people should be discriminated on because of their race.

There’s no room to talk when one says that reparations are a horrendous idea, because facing the reality of forcing people pay for something they are not involved with is unjust would mean having to be accountable for something. Black people have no accountability for anything. I can say that with certainty because the black individuals who are responsible and successful are HATED. Black people are mentally chained, they are kept as inept pets by the democratic party.

No, it’s not racist to say that, and yes it is a problem

The saving grace for white people is the fact that white people are individuals. There is no discernible “white identity” because we don’t have a “white community”. White people are not a hive mind and we value personal responsibility. A thing that was rivaled if not surpassed by black people of generations past. Back before the war on drugs, the war on family, and the war on poverty.

A part of why white people are more successful is much like how Asians are very much more successful, or why immigrants in general are so successful. Few people wonder why many African Americans are wonderfully successful, it follows a trend that many see. A foreign national wants the american dream so they work hard to get here and then they excel because they have the work ethic. Africans are a prime example of how successful black people could be if they pulled themselves up by the bootstraps, but american millennials would be hard pressed to do anything that is too hard. I won’t tap dance around what I am saying anymore. Race based quotas, grants, or anything similar not only is systematically discriminatory of anyone deemed ‘white’ but it also has noticeable negative ramifications for black people. Race based school grants are by far the worst. Black Americans are unprecedentedly affected by the fact that they are wholly under educated but still manage to get into colleges they have no right to be in. They are saddled with debt, find out that they aren’t prepared for university and end up dropping out. Race based grants are a bad idea.

In addition to this, because white people are the acceptable targets of race based hatred, things get disgusting pretty quickly. I find it strange to be inundated with slurs, to be told that my skin color makes me a worse off human being, to be shamed because of how I was born. It’s not clear to me if these non-player characters are aware of their bigotry, for the most part it doesn’t seem like it because it’s a legitimized hatred. I am here to throw my hat into the ring to say that white people aren’t inherently evil. That I will not stand for racism, and that includes racism towards those who are not black. I will definitely find myself hyper critical of those running for office in my area because I refuse to be led by ineffectual leaders who will bow down before the worst kind of mob mentality and the worst kind of individuals. I will not be held responsible for someone else’s sins and i will not stand for degenerate and immoral behavior.



Michelle Roberts

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