I finally started Ridin’ with Biden, my journey from Trump to Joe

Michelle Roberts
4 min readOct 24, 2020


I have to finally admit having “seen the light”, which has turned me from a Trump supporter to a Biden supporter in a matter of hours. I want to explain why I believe voting for Biden is actually a good thing.

Joe is no stranger to politics, he has been in office for almost double my lifespan, so we can safely believe that he is well qualified. One of the greatest achievements of his time is the “Violent crime control and law enforcement act’ which saw many poor people slammed with mandatory minimums for minor possessions. What a relief that bill has been since it has taken many young black American’s off the street alleviating some of the fears stemming from the likes of the “racial jungle”. Democrats have been in favor of harming racial minorities for years. Democratic leaders don’t believe in a well educated society that had strong family bonds. You’d be racist to believe that black Americans can achieve through merit because merit is the white man’s way of keeping other people down. I am in favor of keeping black Americans uneducated and on welfare with weak family bonds because that makes them prime voting blocs for the Blue Party.

I believe collusion is a good thing because it means that we can have a more diverse government structure leading America. Diversity is our strength and we really need to consider the benefits of having a president in the pocket of Chinese communists. Think about all the jobs that the Chinese people would get! American’s don’t need jobs, we can simply print more money and send out monthly checks to the populace footed by the uber rich, Biden would literally pay US to sit at home and vote for democrats the rest of our lives while hundreds of thousands more Chinese are subjugated to cheap labor to produce more goods for us to use. I cannot be the only one excited for a cheaper iPhone, right?

I feel that common sense gun control doesn’t go far enough, we just can’t have people like Kyle Rittenhouse shooting child rapists and ‘alleged’ abusers. How many Americans can be saved each year if we banned guns altogether? The mere suggestion that gun owning Americans prevent 400 thousand crimes a year is rubbish since 34,850 people died as of this article being typed by guns. OVER half, 19,668, alone from suicides. I say f*uck preventing crimes when If we ban guns altogether and stop reporting gang-related gun violence we will be saving the children. Speaking of children…

I am also vehemently in favor of Hunter Biden being used as blackmail, seeing as how he has a strong affinity for powerful stimulants and noticeably young teenagers. I cannot describe how brilliant it was for Joe to pawn his children off as board members of different firms. This is something Trump fails at spectacularly as he just has bank accounts in countries where his business operates, that is weak republican nonsense that can’t be used as leverage. Biden had his son bring in millions of dollars over many years by asserting his influence in foreign affairs. Now THAT’S a businessman I can get behind. Truly the “dynamite stuff” that I enjoy so much is seeing how empathetic the Biden’s have been towards an alleged fourteen-year-old girl who allegedly was being flashed by Hunter, presumably not ‘cranking it’, of course. Many prominent Democrats have been implicated by even worse sex-scandals, so I have no problems with brushing this alleged victim under the rug. I mean, it cannot be verified, right? This conveniently nameless young lass has only been seen topless in just a few pictures with Hunter Biden, allegedly, and ‘suggestive positions’ could mean anything. I thought there was a smoking gun there before but it turns out not to be the case. Not denied by the Biden’s themselves but all the major news networks are very confident that Tony Bobulinski and Rudy Giuliani are mistaken. It’s no secret that Democrats will co-op language, no matter who is a casualty. That is why we don’t have phrases like “carnal knowledge of any female, not his wife, who has not attained the age of 16 years", because “a person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person. … [and] the other person is, in fact, less than 12 years old” is preferable since it is a blanketed shield for the accused like Hunter.

Maybe with my vote Biden could become president, and hopefully then I can get on some sort of program to help pay my way as I lose more money because of beneficial tax cuts being thrown in the garbage. I won’t have to worry about taxes once I can have other taxpayers foot the bill. Preferably they’d be Chinese taxpayers since jobs in America will be a thing of the past. I feel that the premise of having Americans work is xenophobic since foreign nationals can do it better. This brings up another good reason to vote for Biden, and that’s importing a serf class to America. The evidence is out on this, the more people we bring in from other countries, the better Democrats do. It is important for Dem’s to continue to win because America needs to be destroyed, to learn a lesson.

And don’t get me started on these ‘peace deals’ that Trump has brokered, I definitely believe in destroying the enemies of our allies. That’s why I wanted Obama in office a second time.

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