Child prostitution LEGAL: Moral degeneracy in America

Michelle Roberts
4 min readJun 26, 2020


I have long since started clutching my pearls when I first took a dive down what would lead into a massive cave system of rabbit holes. My critical cynicism of the government leads me to conclude that many things are taking place specifically to turn American’s into drooling money cows. The sad thing is… it’s working. Americans have become immoral after decades long push to do so.

I first took issue with promoting and funding of single mothers which took off like a wildfire after the swingin’ 60’s. Shifting childhood care from fathers to mothers uniquely crippled the American people on a multitude of fronts. The burden on the taxpayer is pretty heavy since taxes go into welfare, into schools, into subsidies for low-income housing. It is definitely all the more troublesome because women pay much less into the tax pool than men. If not for the over-productivity of men we would definitely have much little as a means of social safety nets. So now we have a strain on the taxpayers, what is the strain on America as a whole? Well, single mothers raise very poor adults. Girls often fall into a cyclical trap that they witnessed their mothers go through, this is why we have observed generational single motherhood. The elephant in the room is the fact that “the black community” has a problem with single mothers raising more single mothers and raising men who sadly drop out of school early, are more violent, are inclined to criminal activity, and are ineffectual adults.
It is incredibly sad that the once strong (at a time even stronger than white) black family was targeted for destruction by largely the democratic party. I had hoped that it doesn’t get too much worse but I was mistaken. Part of the destruction to families was brought about by…

Planned Parenthood. While it started out by a racist woman wanting to kill black babies, it turned into a larger movement that was quickly swallowed up and spit out as a “pro-choice” movement. With the nuclear family being propagated as somehow sexist, the next phase was to make human life altogether meaningless. Families don’t matter, and babies don’t matter. This is very convenient for companies such as StemExpress which is benefiting on the abortion procedure. Many don’t consider abortion a topic worth fighting about but there are a few things to consider: the shout your abortion and pro-abortion advocates confirm that human life doesn’t matter (non-human life I guess because it’s just ‘a clump of cells’ even as it’s about to be born) and it is also blatantly NOT a constitutional right.

The next step isn’t surprising: children don’t matter! There was a bit of an outcry back in the day about the ‘gay agenda’ but we have come full circle now that the LGB movement has been co opted and used as a spear to lodge into American culture. There has been an incredibly steep boom in parents using their kids to virtue signal, including forcing their children to take hormone blockers to transition them. I noticed that it was mostly parents trying to turn their future rapist sons into the correct sex since men are heavily demonized in the political and ideological sphere of the far left.. It’s come to the point where California legalizes child prostitution under the veneer excuse of not prosecuting children who are apprehended by police. Considering the extent of child trafficking and sexual victimization, why are we allowing this kind of legislature to go through? A line needs to be drawn. Little girl pageants are bad, children in drag is bad, a child dancing on stage for money is bad! What to we have left as a society if we don’t care about families, if we don’t care about babies, and we don’t care about children? Children should not be lingerie models, children shouldn’t pretend to take a hit of ketamine whole being subjected to criminals.

I am referring to Desmond is Amazing of course quite a bit and that’s because he is a child who is left to be destroyed by his mother, by the law enforcement of the area, and by a culture at large that is making degeneracy the new cultural norm.

How much further do we go before people hold themselves and those around them responsible? Can we even get to a point where anyone is held accountable? We as the American people are weak. We stand for nothing and have no values and we make the perfect money making machines by a corrupt government that manipulates us like the feeble playthings we have become.

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